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Comprehensive Eye Exams & Vision Care

Everyone is welcome at Specialized Eye Care of Bay Ridge, where we provide regular eye exams and vision care for the whole family. Our ophthalmology practice in Brooklyn, New York, offers a range of treatments and procedures to keep your eyes healthy.

Eye Exams

It is recommended that individuals should have a comprehensive eye examination on a periodic basis. The frequency of eye exams should be at least every one to two years, depending on one's particular needs, age, and gender. Eye exams help us to effectively diagnose and treat conditions such as:

• Glaucoma
• Diabetes
• Cataracts
• Ocular Disease
• Macular Degeneration
• Astigmatism
• Computer Vision Syndrome
• Nearsightedness
• Farsightedness
• Retinal Changes
• Eye Injuries
• Dry Eye & More

Procedures We Perform:

• Cataract Surgery including Laser Assisted Procedures

  • Glaucoma Surgery • LASIK® Surgery

Contact us in Brooklyn, New York, to find out more about the importance of eye exams and vision care.